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This is a copy of the letter I sent to Antic when I submitted Envision to them. It was still called "The Fontasizer" at that time, a name that still makes me cringe.
Note that I sent it in January 1986 which is two years (almost to the day) from the date at which I began work on the project.
Also note my mention of copy protection. I had an Archiver chip in my 1050 disk drive by this time and the protection scheme came from my exploration of custom disk formats. They were unable to make a copy of it (hee hee). Of course, they probably didn't try very hard.
Lastly, note my shameless plug for a player/missile animation editor. It was a hybrid program (i.e., written in BASIC and assembly language) that I worked on when I was stuck on the DEY/BPL bug (see "Evil bug"). They... rejected that one but that was OK because it pretty much sucked. :)

The pitch

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