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For some ungodly reason, I developed Envision by writing all my code down before typing in any of it. As a result, it took three days for me to type everything in when I was done writing, and another two days to get the bloody thing to assemble. This was the first notebook of four that I filled with code. It's well worn (like the other three) because I carried the damn thing with me everywhere.
Note that the date on this first notebook is February, 1984. I worked on the project off and on for about two years (it was published in 1986). Also note that it says "Volume 2". It's really the first Envision volume; the "Volume 1" notebook was used for a disk sector editor I had previously worked on.
I had to block out a phone number in the upper right corner, even though it's likely been disconnected by now.

Notebook 1 of 4

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