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I wasn't sure if the page of notes shown below illustrated the actual layout of the Envision MAP file or if it was showing an earlier variation of it. However, on September 23, 2015, I received an email from a chap named Piotr Fusik. He, along with several other people, have put together an app called "RECOIL" that allows you to view images in roughly 250 different retro-computer file formats. He used the image on this page to implement support for Envision MAP files, essentially verifying that the format described here is indeed accurate. Thanks, Piotr! :)
Since the image is rather difficult to read, I've transposed it below. Note that I've re-numbered the fonts starting at zero instead of one and clarified a couple of field descriptions. You can see from the layout of the file that support for animations and extra fonts was added to the program afterwards. I had decided to tack the additional data onto the end after the map data in order to maintain compatibility with all my older MAP files.

ANTIC text mode1 BYTE
P1# of map columns-11 BYTE
P2# of map rows-11 BYTE
Color register 0 value1 BYTE
Color register 1 value1 BYTE
Color register 2 value1 BYTE
Color register 3 value1 BYTE
Background color register value1 BYTE
Map data (byte elements)(P1+1)*(P2+1) (4096 bytes max)
Animation frames X coords table128 BYTES (upper left corners)
Animation frames Y coords table128 BYTES (upper left corners)
Font assignments for map rows204 BYTES
Animation frames width1 BYTE
Animation frames height1 BYTE
P3# of fonts in file1 BYTE
Font #0 ID1 BYTE
Font #0 name8 BYTES
Font #0 data1024 BYTES
Font #1 ID1 BYTE
Font #1 name8 BYTES
Font #1 data1024 BYTES
Font #(P3-1) ID1 BYTE
Font #(P3-1) name8 BYTES
Font #(P3-1) data1024 BYTES
File format?

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